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We had the idea for Provo Girls Summit in 2016. Our founder, Tanei,  wanted to give her girls more opportunities to grow and learn in our community but found very few local resources. That’s when the idea for Provo Girls Summit was born. 

We held our first-ever summit in March 2017. It was a huge success, with 400 girls and their caregivers in attendance, and over 20 professional women with interactive displays and presentations. By 2018, we expanded to around 30 professionals. Our girls met new people, asked questions, and had a great time! 

“Now I know that there are so many options out there for me.”

– Girls Summit 2017 Attendee

Our Mission

Provo Girl Summit?

When it comes to discovering interests, following passions, and choosing a career, we believe it’s best to show girls a variety of options. Whether they pursue math, science, business, creative work or other fields, girls need to see professionals who look like them.

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How it works

When we had the idea for Provo Girls Summit, we wanted to provide this opportunity to girls whose minds are still filled with possibilities. We invite all girls ages 8-12 (and their caregivers) to explore new possibilities with us.

At our event, girls and their grownups will walk in to discover a room full of interactive booths, each hosted by a different professional. Girls will have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with these professionals--asking questions, engaging their imaginations, and making new connections. 

A Note on Inclusion:
We at Provo Girls Summit strive to be inclusive of all marginalized populations, including all kids on the gender spectrum! If your child is nonbinary, gender fluid, intersex, or trans and wants to attend Provo Girls Summit, please know they are welcome to attend our event.

Meet the team

Tanei Atagi









Becca Lee


Sound like fun?

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